Our Team

About Us

Ferndale Veterinary Hospital is affiliated with Northwest Veterinary Clinic in Blaine, WA.  We hope you enjoy our bios below!  There's so much that could be said here, but words are not really worth a whole lot.  Come and visit--you will experience a team approach to medicine where your concern is heard and addressed, and your pet is well-cared for.  We appreciate that you took the time to check us out!

Dr. Johner

Dr. Johner has been practicing veterinary medicine for close to two decades, focusing exclusively on canine and feline health.  He says it is soooo much simpler than trying to figure out raising teenagers.  Dr. Johner graduated from Ross University, but performed his clinical year at WSU.  He enjoys hiking, coffee, and lying about enjoying hiking.

Randi, Technician

We literally begged Randi to work for us!  No joke.  And so glad she joined our team.  Randi is efficient and knowledgeable, and Mayberry-friendly.  She enjoys MMA and kickboxing.  Just kidding, but their loss!


Jessica, Technician

Jessica worries about things so Doc doesn't have to.  That works out great!  Detail-oriented and a great memory for faces and names, she probably knows more about your pet than Doc.  She brings a real gitter-dun spirit to the team.  She chose veterinary medicine over being a YouTube celebrity, and we're so glad.

Rylie, Reception

The Queen of Candles.  If you've been into the Ferndale hospital, you know why.  Quiet and capable, she will take care of your needs, whether flea meds to appointments to getting Doc to return your phone calls.  The problem with the quiet people is you never know what they're thinking.

Missy, Reception

Usually found at our Northwest Clinic (but making occasional appearances at Ferndale), Missy is the first face you'll see, and the last face you'll see.  And the last face you want to see.  Just kidding about that last part, just wanted to see if she really is doing a good job proofreading this.  If Doc is the brains (questionably), Missy is the heart.  Customer service embodied!