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Dr. Kim Johner heads up the medical staff at Ferndale Veterinary Hospital, and its sister hospital, Northwest Veterinary Clinic. Together with the rest of his medical team, he is passionate about helping you and your pet. From preventative medicine and vaccines to major surgeries, Ferndale Veterinary Hospital is ready to serve you.




Dear NW Vet Clinic staff,
I just wanted to thank you so very much for the care and compassion shown to my dog Missy and myself. She had only been able to see your clinic and staff once before her passing. I can honestly say she has never been so comfortable and relaxed in a vets office before. Usually a trip to a vet turned out more like a K-9 rodeo, but with you she was immediately at ease, which was a heartwarming relief. The day we had to bring her in for her emergency was one of the hardest days I have had in a few years. She was my friend, child and companion and to have to make the decision to let her go was heartbreaking. Your whole staff was so sweet and comforting, and the vet we saw that day, [Dr. Vonderahe], handled everything with myself and my Missy like an angel. I recently received a card from your office, and cant tell you how much it means to see a veterinary clinic that you can actually feel loves and cares about the animal friends it helps. Thank you from my whole heart. If I was ever to get another dog friend, they will come there with out a doubt.
With the utmost gratitude,

Wendy & Missy

I absolutely love them, so kind and thoughtful. Very helpful when we were struggling with a very sick cat that we had for 13 years as a family member. We were so strapped for cash, but they went above and beyond to help us, I can’t say enough good about! Dr Johner is wonderful!!



A big THANK YOU to Dr. Johner for his perserverence in tackling our pet insurance company for Kodi’s porcine enzymes to be covered. It is truly a blessing . Also his amazing staff …. and all of those phone call !!! Thank you all.

Thank you!